MechARMada - Act 2

by Alpha_Alpha

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MechARMada is paired with a set of fiction called Life in Orbit. Life in Orbit is the prequel and MechARMada is the follow-up. The story revolves around a fictional human diaspora into space, involving terraformation of Mars, Ganymede, and Earth-Moon by various allied countries from Earth. MechARMada then gives glimpses of the lives of some of those who live in space, and their struggle with each division of settled space as well as the clamoring threat of the autonomous regime, the Martian MechARMada.

Life in Orbit and MechARMada can be found on my wordpress link (click link on the column to the right, should link you to Alpha_Alpha Engage!), and use the menu to find both projects. Feel free to just listen to the music here, but I invite you to dive into the fiction as well. 

I am continuing release of Act 2 in june '15. Treat it like fragments floating in space from an event that happened 5 years ago.


released June 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Alpha_Alpha Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alpha_Alpha uses music and words to tell stories. These projects are prototypes for a more fluid experience in order to fully convey the worlds that Alpha_Alpha wants to introduce, which come from many aspects of his everyday life.

Alpha_Alpha loves listening to records, writing, watching anime, reading comics, cooking, and playing rpg's
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Track Name: MechARMada no Osoroshisa
Attention! Attention! MechARMada is on it's way! Please remain calm and find a safe place to hide! Theres no resisting them at this moment! Attention! Attention!

'Warning , Warning, MechARMada will arrive in 30 minutes Everyone please leave here. Warning, Warning'
'Chuui, Chuui. MechARMada wa sanjuu fun toochaku suru desu . Minna, todomaru o suzuka ni desu, kudasai. Chuui, Chuui. '



Boot after boot ring up the ladders, towards the escape ships and other means of evacuation off Ganymede. A message repeats itself over and over.

'Chuui, Chuui. Mecharmada wa sanjuu fun toochaku suru desu . Minna, todomaru o suzuka ni desu, kudasai. Chuui, Chuui. '
'Warning , Warning, Mecharmada will arrive in 30 minutes Everyone please leave here. Warning, Warning'

A short haired, young woman throws her arm up to wave at someone above. Her eyes watching the scurrying mass of soon-to-be refugees from the catwalk.

"Hey! Renji! RENJIIIIII!!!"

The pirate captain's head sticks out over the rail, scowling at the waving arm of silver, glimmering in the floodlights of the underground. Smoke seeps from his nostrils, (a chilling reflection in his spectacles) more than enough of a qualified eye-dee for Renji's authenticity and rank. She continues.

"This way! Let the civvies take the busses, sir!."

Renji Grunts back.

"I figure, one, ye canno'be the boss a' me. Two, ya better have that head on yer shoulders, Kik."

The space pirate pushes against the stream of other residents of Ganymede, where plenty of the nations' emigrates of earth have come together underneath the surface, here. Together; away from the CORP and Earth Federation, away from MARS' autocratic influence. At least, that's the life they have tried to lead. These destitute, souls on the run. Anyone had the option to leave who they were behind and become one of Renji's own. No matter where they were born. Now, they have come full circle, again leaving their homes. Who can really tell where they will go? Now that their last haven is under attack by the flagship extermination and resource pilfering autonomous scum who haunt these times. The very martian MechARMada itself.

Renji finally catches up to 'Kik'. (as she was referred to so informally.) At the same time, the first wave of 'busses' depart with an almost comical, reverberating 'pop'. Through the gateway outside left behind in the emergency tranports' wake, the rain of fire shines off brilliantly quick, chrome mechs, tearing apart the very land of ganymede itself, digging their way into the settlements.

Renji spits and hurries to catch that nuisance of a girl after finding himself distracted by such insulting destruction.

Ghostly images haunt the space around Ultra-Violette, chased from within the cockpit by the blood tipped fingers of Ingrid. Shivering, the girl continuing to scratch parts of her skin raw as she cradles herself inside this metallic shell.


The name, repeated, over and over.

Her illusions fail to gain recognition in her mind as if they were the faces of strangers, staring at her in horror. Ingrid continues to sputter.

"How...long has it actually been now? I can't remember.

She continues to float amidst the nightmarish solace of the void.
"Hayyaku, Kiki! We don't have much time, ye brat!"

"Cool it ya grouch. Once I connect we're zero."

The small girl smiles like a cat with a mouse. Renji notices that her skin starts to glow a soft white, silver med bracelets clinking against the armor of this particular 'mech as she rubs her hand up and down. Kiki's eyes closing with a deep breath.

"Next stop, the front line! Ikimasu, Rouge!"

The cockpit opens, a white aura envolps the extending hand of Kiki to the gruff older pirate. Renji grunts, flicking a cigarette off the dock, boarding 'Rouge'.